How to load and set skybox by directly using playcanvas engine?

I downloaded cubemap assets and find there is a json file in a bunch of folders

app.assets.loadFromUrl("res/4658900/Sky.json", "cubemap", function(err, asset){ app.scene.setSkybox(asset.resources); })

not working …… unsurprisingly

but deep into code, I found codes handling cubemap loading in asset-registry

// check for special case for cubemaps
if (asset.file && asset.type === "cubemap") {
    load = false;
    open = false;
    // loading prefiltered cubemap data
    var url = asset.file.url;
    var separator = url.indexOf('?') !== -1 ? '&' : '?';
    url += separator + asset.file.hash;
    this._loader.load(url, "texture", function (err, texture) {
        if (!err) {
            // Fudging an asset so that we can apply texture settings from the cubemap to the DDS texture
                resource: texture,
                type: "texture",
            }, self);

            // store in asset data
            asset._dds = texture;
        } else {
  "error", err, asset);
  "error:" +, err, asset);
  "error", err, asset);

separator in cubemap name ?
file hash ?

Any one can provide an example how to set skybox by code ?

Hmm, I believe the “easy” way of loading cubemaps from the source json (using loadFromUrl) is currently missing :cry:

May be not only cubemap, I found material loading have problems too.

loading material should load texture too. In my view ~

asset-registry.js line 450