How to Load a GLTF File

How do you load a GITF file after you put in the file from GitHub, “playcanvas-gltf.js” and playcanvas-anim.js"? I put the scripts into my game and added a GLTF file into it but it didn’t load up as a model just a file that looks like the js file. Can you please tell me what I did wrong.

A .glTF file or a .glb file?


I don’t think the engine natively supports glTF files. We recommend that .glb files are used instead.

If you must use . glTF files, I have an example here loading from an external source

And one here that loads a glTF file that has been imported into the editor.

For .glb files

You can convert any gltf file to GLB format using the glTF Shell Extension tools:

It’s Windows only though.

Oh ok, Thank you.