How to Increase tracking stability of marker based AR project?

I am working on a client AR project, and have been using non-glossy marker and proper lighting conditions to reduce the jittering of the models. I have also dig into the play canvas AR wrapper and played around with parameters specified here ( , but I am yet not able to avoid jittering of the models.

I have two questions in regard to this

  1. How do I increase tracking stability by tweaking the AR wrapper parameters.
  2. After a small small research I found that ARToolKit has a “history” option as well, but I couldn’t find that in the Playcnavs AR wrapper. How do I go about accessing such parameters. Do I need to extend the wrapper?

Try increasing trackerResolution. That may help at the cost of performance. You may want to tweak threshold with the debugOverlay enabled.

As a side note, you may want to look at 8th Wall AR offering for the browse which allows for markerless AR: