How to Import model fully textured?

I am sorry if this has been asked before , but I haven’t found the answer to this question. Some people suggested some different format but it doesn’t work for me (i must be doing something wrong)
So. How can I import a model and have it displayed exactly like I made it with the 3d software I used to make it ( I use vectary and blender).
Every time I import a model i have to recreate the texture in Playcanvas.
I would like it fully textured , is there a format that embbed/ include the texture inside the model ? Or is there something I am missing ?


Hi @shantee,

Right now the only way to do this for some of the supported material channels (e.g. diffuse, normal), is by using FBX models. Check this short guide:

There is support coming for importing gITF models in the editor, when that comes importing fully textured models with exact material settings will work way better:

Hey Leonidas !
Thank you for replying.
Great ! So you mean I am not doing anything wrong and I should keep on using FBX (yep i read the doc before ^^) because this is still the best format option at the moment ?

We’re making good progress on importing @glTF3D files into @playcanvas editor.

That’s so cool can’t wait to see it !

Yes for the moment it’s advised to import models to the editor using FBX.

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Just to chip in, you can expect an initial release of GLB import support for the Editor sometime in early January.


Can’t wait for that feature too :crossed_fingers:
@will any chance to become a beta tester? :slight_smile:

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We’re expecting to have this feature in preview release by next week. At the moment, it’ll probably be enabled for everybody. But in the event we put the feature behind an allow list, I’ll let you know, @Igor!