How to implement Hill Climb Racing 2D game in PlayCanvas?


I am looking for way to implement Hill Climb Racing 2D Game in Playcanvas.
Looking for suggestion and way to implement…


Anyway i have few questions…

  1. Is PlayCanvas engine capable to develop this type of game?
  2. How i can generate 2D terrain dynamically along with rididbody (to hold car) and with grass and soil effect?

Sure, you can make a game like that in PlayCanvas. For example:

(In German!)

But the terrain in the game above is ‘baked’ and not procedural.

Maybe @mvaligursky has some thoughts about the answer for questions 2.


I guess there are few options. Maybe the easiest would be to have some blocks prebuilt and just place them next to each other. In the simplest case you could create templates for those blocks, and a block could have terrain, grass, rigidbody). And you just add them netx to each other at the start of the level / as you go.

You could also have larger blocks and deform them … something similar to this 3D example:

Or you can generate meshes and UV coordinates in code completely.


Thanks @will, so it is possible to create game like this…
Thanks @mvaligursky, so mesh generation is only the way to this? i have to do research on it then… anyway i will look at this later…

So far i manage to place car on box shape track… (So it could look like 2d)

The problem is when car(Vehicle Physics car) jumps or falls it rotates a bit… later it fall out of track…

How i can make this vehicle stick to the X axis?
How i can prevent rotation around Y and Z axis?

Hi @Ketan_ATA,

To prevent movement or rotation in an axis just set the the Linear/Angular factors to 0. For example this body can’t move on the Y axis and can’t rotate around X and Z:



Thanks @Leonidas for quick fix… :slight_smile::+1: