How to hide all the little icons/gizmos in the editor?

Is there a way to hide all the little gizmos and icons that appear on entities in the editor view? For example, everything that has a script attached gets the little script icon. After a while it becomes really cluttered and difficult to actually see parts of the scene.

Unreal Engine has a shortcut (‘G’ for ‘game view’) which hides all these kinds of things so you can see what the scene would look like in game. If that doesn’t exist for Playcanvas, would be really helpful if it could be added at some point!

Hi @steve_wk,

That’s a valid point, can you try settings the Icons Size to 0.0 and see if it hides most or all of the icons? Found in your project settings under Editor:

It will not hide the gizmo for the selected entity/entities though.

Yeah, that works. But would be nice to be able to toggle between the two states, as sometimes it’s useful to see them, sometimes not. Sometimes I want to toggle between those two states multiple times per minute.

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Makes sense, feel free to add a feature request in the editor repo about this:

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