How to get third person for our game

ok so me and the org is making an io game but all we need is third person so can someone plz guide me on how to do it

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So i am making a game a simple game because as you all know i am still a begineer so i was wondering how to make the camera follow the object third person view
heres the project if you wanna check it out:

no one answered the question

Please don’t spam the forums for updates. It’s only been 10 hours since the very first post and forums are not the place to expect instant responses. Replies may take days if at all as mentioned before.

Also consider searching the forums as this topic has come up before:

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I looked at your project and did this:

Here is implemented a simple following the camera for the object. I also redid the control, which I think is more convenient.

Also, the model hovers in the air. I am sure that you have an error at the pivot point on the model, because of which there is a problem with the collision. It is necessary to position the pivot in the center of the model and then the collision will arise correctly. If you need mouse control, then you can look at this example:

wow idk what to say man thanks bro any tips on what to use to code practice coding

In fact, the advice is simple, you should try to do many tasks with an increasing level of complexity, and then your level of knowledge and skills will increase.

immm I honestly did not understandd aanything you just said but ok

He means try a easy task like making the player move and move to a harder task like camera movement etc

ahh I see ok sry I have been busy