How to get rid of dirty anti alias boeders

Hi frorum,
I have an animated sprite (in a sprite asset) based on a texture map and a png image. How can I get rid of the dirty black anti alias pixels? The PNG itself is clean. If you open it in PSD there are no black pixels. Any ides?

Hi @Karl47,

That’s the result of the texture filtering, trying to do linear interpolation and match all various display sizes. One fix is setting the filtering to Point:

Hi @Leonidas, as always thanks for the quick reply. Point doesn’t work for me. The result looks crunchy.
Bildschirmfoto 2020-10-22 um 18.51.57

Are you using it as a sprite? I’d say try first increasing the resolution of the image file, that will help with filtering.

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Yes as a sprite. What do you mean with increasing image size? The original source? Instead of 2048 x 2048 4096 x 4096?

Could be related to the issues shown in this post: Artifacts on our 2D assets


Cool, that works. I’ll try out more to reduce the filesize.