How to generate VR native client content data with the 3D tools on the web

I’m a 3D product manager and there’s a problem that’s been bothering me.
Background is that the time is now to do a web side 3 d enterprise service tools, the resulting effect is to make a preview in VR devices, and we also want to develop a native VR client, in this way, VR can use higher quality model and the map data, want to ask, web editor to create 3 d data and the commands how to get through to the VR native client?

Can you rephrase please? The question isn’t clear in what you are trying to solve.

We are now working on a product, and the 3D content of the project is produced with the tool developed by Playcanvas. Now we want to open up the VR client, but VR wants to use native program development, so as to facilitate the later development. Can the 3D editor on the web directly generate the content of VR native client?

I’ve seen some users generate a mesh from the PlayCanvas engine (see as an example). It should also be possible to make a scene/material/etc importer for your native engine of choice as the PlayCanvas formats are open source but there is nothing officially available.