How to fix inversed camera?

Please, look at the project
I’ve just created a new project of VR starter kit and that camera is inversed vertically. It happened suddenly while I didn’t change look-controls. Maybe I’ve changed browser settings or Playcanvas settings?
Also, I have this issue at different browsers and devices, but it looks good in camera tutorials (but there are no such look-controls). What am I doing wrong?
I’ve debugged look-camera.js and can say _magicWindowEnabled is always true. So, what is “magic window”?

I think the starter kit may have been setup incorrectly.

You can fix this by flipping the sign on the mouse/touch controls that adjust the pitch and rotation to your liking.

‘Magic window’ is where you use the phones orientation to rotate the camera, creating a ‘window’ to the VR world.

Nope, if I flip signs on the mouse controls, nothing happens, because of

LookCamera.prototype.update = function (dt) {        
    if (this._magicWindowEnabled || this._presenting) {
        // If we are using the magic window, then only use the touch x to rotate the view horizontally
        this._offsetParent.setLocalEulerAngles(0, this.yaw, 0);
    else {
        // !!! never run
        this._offsetParent.setLocalEulerAngles(this.pitch, this.yaw, 0);

How should I install VR kit correctly? In another project I have the same issue, it began on all my projects simultaneously (also on different accounts too)

Also, if I switch off “enable VR” in project settings, camera becomes okay, but error from web-vr-ui.js appears. I know, this option was enabled always, but something gonna wrong. I’m using playcanvas about 4-5 months and didn’t see such issue before.

Interesting. I think there’s an issue with the WebVR implementation/Chrome changes that @Dave or @will needs to look at as this is related issue to a previous forum post that there where keyboard controls enabled but there was nothing in the project implementing that logic.

In this case, I removed the mouse controls completely from the project and I still had mouse controls which shouldn’t happen.

wow! really! looks like webvr polyfill trouble

Yeah, my best guess is that the WebVR config has MOUSE_KEYBOARD_CONTROLS_DISABLED has been set to false.

It seems, I found workaround. I’ve just enabled WebVR API in Chrome flags and all works as expected.