How to find the "depthTest = false" mesh in the depthMap?

When I turn off the depthTest, it cannot be found in the depthMap…

How the plane is not occluded by other objects and retains depth information in the depthMap

Hi @11137 and welcome,

How do you test if the object is included in the depth map? Do you have depthWrite enabled in your material?

Hi @Leonidas ,
thanks for your answer.

When depthTest and depthWrite are both turned on,the depthMap contains the objects.

When I only turn off depthTest,this object disappears in the depthMap.

This is my test demo link:

I can reproduce this, agreed this may be an issue. Since depthTest = false in my understanding should omit the depth test, but continue rendering the object to the depthMap.

Try raising an issue with your sample project in the engine repo here, maybe there is a bug hidden there:


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