How to export TEMPLATE asset from editor for use in Playcanvas engine?

Hi, I have a fbx file exported from 3D Max by a graphic designer. The file contains meshes, skeleton, materials and animations. When I import it into the Playcanvas editor, I get several assets of different types, including a TEMPLATE type asset. Adding this asset to the scene will create a hierarchy of entities in the scene linked to the skeleton. But how can I export this TEMPLATE type asset to use it in the Playcanvas engine? All other assets have a download option in the editor, but the TEMPLATE asset does not have this option.

I’m afraid the only way at the moment is to untick preload on the template asset and download the published build to get the JSON file

If you are using engine only, you may better off using a FBX to GLB convertor like GitHub - facebookincubator/FBX2glTF: A command-line tool for the conversion of 3D model assets on the FBX file format to the glTF file format. or asking your graphic designer to export as GLB instead.

This means you can load the GLB into the engine as a container asset and create an entity hierarchy from it at runtime.