How To Embed External Site Within PlayCanvas Project?

I was just wondering if it’s possible to embed a external webpage/site within your playcanvas project? I was thinking it might be possible with iframes or something similar, but I’m not sure where to start with this really. If there is a way you can embed an external webpage/site within a playcanvas project, can someone explain the steps to do so?

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Hey @DevPrimeOG/@DevPlex01,

You would like to check this tutorial to solve your issue. Once you have the HTML integrated into your project, put the iframe code in your HTML file. Hope this helps!

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Thanks for replying. I’m going to check the link out later in my programming class (I’m in a different class currently).

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Also, I’ve always wondered if you can make a playcanvas game entirely with code. I don’t mean engine only, I mean like in the actual playcanvas editor itself. An example would be I create a project and use mostly only HTML code and scripts to generate the game.

Probably. Have an empty scene, and load entities the way you would in an engine only build.

Makes sense. I might try doing something like that when I get home.

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