How to download models on the PC editor in bulk


So, I import a FBX into the editor and select the model to download it manually, which gives me a couple of jsons and subfolders for materials. Can we do this for hundreds of FBXs in bulk? Or are there already a batch script for this?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @cgopia94,

Sadly you can’t execute that action with multiple assets selected. You could potentially write a script in the editor console that can automate that work.

A simpler solution would be to publish and download a .zip build, all of your assets will be included with it.

You could use the REST API for this.

There’s a list assets endpoint

And get the asset:

Alternatively, you can download a build or archive of the whole project and grab the folders and materials from there?


Thank you so much guys! I will go with downloading a project for now.