How to do PVP in multiplayer

I make a multiplayer .io type game and I want to make it PVP, how would I do this?
I want to make a death screen with the name of the player who killed you, and a kill count
telling you how many kills you have since your last death. Will someone make a script for me?

Hi @Jacob_Mcbride

Developing a multiplayer can be complex as it involves a lot of things, like lobby/player management, gameplay sync, etc. I would suggest you start small and try to learn from other projects. You can look at the Real-time Multiplayer with Colyseus demo which would get you started on the multiplayer aspect of the game and then you can build upon the demo.


Thanks, @saad_Haider, but I have done the project already, I just need a PVP script, I did a lobby, name selection, and a chat, I just want to make my game more fun with PVP.