How to disable multiple entities programmatically

Hello, i have an entity with different models like this
usually they are random generated, but i need to spawn a specific one so i have a variable “enemy” to call the goblin, how do i disable all the other ones? because
this.enemy.findByName(enemy).enabled=true; // to anable the chosen one
and??? lost in this

Several ways of approach:

Thanks @steven i was just rethinking and rewriting the enemy.js script, i think the unique entity will not be useful till the end of the project coz i need different animations for different kind of enemies but for this initial phase is good enough. Unluckly i lost some of the work i did in the past an the models so i have to redo the animations and some model as well. But after years i lost my touch with 3ds a 3d artist woul speed up the process greatly. I also need to work on the frame rate that slow down when player enter the dungeon. Hope someone in future will join me and help coding too :smiley:

You can use Tags, and findByTag entities and change their state all together.

…right…the same with the level change … so stupid…thanks @max