How to debug multiplayer functionality

ETA’s proof-of-concept is nearly done (or it should be at least; I have to turn it in on the 26th), and I have a small problem.

I used the real-time multiplayer tutorial to copy-and-paste multiplayer script into ETA and Of course, this by itself won’t give me the app that I want. I’ll need to get ETA and Glitch to talk to each other before I can even start debugging ETA’s networking functionality.

So, before I start modifying the script to show updates to the tokens, tiles, text box, and cameras, I need to be able to see what happens when I make changes to the networking scripts. So my question is: how do I connect the two? It makes sense that wouldn’t be able to access ETA Launching from my Editor, so do I need to publish ETA before I can make the two talk to each other? Or is there a way to make Glitch talk to ETA without publishing ETA right away?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!