How to create game mechanics?

So… I need to add in the whole idea for the mechanics… but I still don’t really know how this works.
And with that I certainly do not know how to make animations, and set triggers. the mechanic is supposed to allow the player to dash through walls in certain areas, and in designated spots, create a barrier. Along with that I can’t figure out jumping, I want the character to be able to jump twice, but on the second jump I want there to be a glitch animation. These are supposed to be fundamental features of the game but I cannot figure out how to code them in.

Hi @secretscience! What kind of game are you making? Can you tell a little bit more about it? Is it a first person game or maybe a third person game? (I hope you don’t mind if I edited your title a bit). :upside_down_face:

I am making a first person game, I would post an image but I don’t know how to.

Since I can’t put images here, I put them in the editor. PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine
I hope that that works.

Normally you can upload an image with the upload button (grey on the image below). You also can copy an image en paste it here in the text field.

Very creative, my compliments for your drawings. :ok_hand:

For jumping you can check my example project below.

To create an area, I suggest to use a trigger.