How to create a menu screen

my project

Try and get some fonts and learn how to use the UI. Use your creativity and your knowledge of the UI to make a main menu. Use other game menus for help.

I cannot see the text i put in

The font color of your text is white. The background image of your play button is also white. :see_no_evil:

this happens when i press P @DevPlex01

You need to make the pause menu first.

how do i make the player start at the menu screen

because when i start the launcher it starts me in the main game

You need to disable the main game subroot and enable the main menu subroot. Don’t worry though, I added a script that automatically makes the main menu enabled and all the other subroot scenes disabled.

i was going to change the look of it and kind find what is generating the screen

also dev01 when and if you had free time could you help me with some more lessons

also @DevPlex01 if and when you have free time could you help me more with all the code