How to create a map (or import from unreal engine)

Hello there, so I recently started to learn playcanvas, and I’m quite stuck on how can we just create worlds ? Whether it is a huge open world or a small scene, I believe we’re not going to create small cubes or drag and drop a thousand trees to place them with x y z coords right ?

The most interesting finds was this Uranus SDK or PIC editor, but both seems to have been discontinued and are nowhere to be found like all links from Leonidas. Most topics on the forum point to that, I saw that we can create maps in Unreal Engine but how to import them in pc ?

My goal would be to move a basic character in a 3D world like minecraft/cube world/trove/ or any voxel style map.

I remember creating height maps using WorldMachine in the past and that could work with the tutorial on terrain generation but what about painting ? Having trees, rocks, water, caves, buildings etc ?

I believe the most practical way would be to import from a robust third party editor.


So I tried to make a map on Unreal 5 following this tutorial and exported to fbx, then dropped the file on PC and here is the result, any idea how to have the collision mesh and also textures ?

Also tried to export as glb but it’s just pitch black and flat

Hi @Sceat and welcome!

Normally you add a collision component of type ‘Mesh’ and assign the corrent render asset to it. You also need to add a rigidbody component.

As far as I know, you need to assign materials with textures manually to the entities of the mesh. I’m not sure if that’s possible in your case, because I can’t see the hierarchy on your image.

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Thanks for the reply, I tried to add the mesh collision but couldn’t drag anything to both slots, I assume the exported file doesn’t contains enough things to work properly. I also guess @Leonidas is quite experienced on the matter and it would be really great to have some kind of guidelines on how to work with map editing available to the community :+1:

Are you be able to share your project so I can take a look?

sure, PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

I also added the render which I believe is the correct one on the collision mesh + rigidbody but seems I still noclip

I managed to have a model with a collision mesh so I guess i’m doing the right thing but the export from unreal is not correct

Here Leonidas posted a link to a tutorial, but the website is down, I guess it’s all we need Anyway to use unreal assets in playcanvas? - #6 by Leonidas

@Leonidas if you got any time I’d be glad to check it out

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Ah well found it, let’s work with that ! I hope this topic will help any newcomers like me

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