How to create a 3D product configurator

I’m new to playcanvas, looking for a solution to create easily a 3d product configurator.
I do have the 3D model, I do have all the requirement, i.e. different material (copper, brass, titanium, mat or shiny finish…), but I have no idea how to start from.
Most of the webgl demo works better with metallic shader and this first project fit perfectly into this range.

What I’m looking for, in terms of quality but without kinetic (it is too long to load) is this one is:
webgl well done site

Can it be done without coding on playcanvas? That’s really what I’m looking for, no code at all, because I’m simply a designer.

If it can’t be achieved (whatever the platform) thanks to let me know, so I can stop to dream.

PlayCanvas can definitely be used to create product configurations. In fact many of our users use PlayCanvas exactly for that purpose. However, you cannot do that without code. PlayCanvas is a WebGL engine that allows you to create complex (or simple) applications of many different kinds so you have to write code to create your own application.

If you are not able to write code or learn how to write code you could find a developer to do that for you perhaps. There are plenty of JavaScript developers around :smiley: