How to create 6 sided 3D boards

I have a 3D game over 3 or more levels which is for 6 players and therefore uses hexagonal shaped board not square so I need to know how to create hexagonal shaped board, points and movement in 6 directions on each of the 3 or more boards as well as movement between each board.

The board structure need to also be able to rotate for viewing from any angle.

Step 1:
Create a hexagon in Blender, 3DS Max, Maya or similar. I’m using 3DS Max here:

Step 2:
Export the scene to FBX format.

Step 3:
Drop the hexagon FBX into your PlayCanvas project.

Step 4:
Create an entity that represents a single space on the board.

Step 5:
Create a script which procedurally creates the overall board. This will clone the entity created in step 4 and position that clone on the board. You’ll need to figure out the algorithm to place those board spaces. This tutorial shows how to procedurally build a level from a couple of entities, although in this example, there are houses instead of hexagons. :slight_smile:

Ultimately, you need to focus on learning. And break down your problem into lots of little sub-problems and attack them one by one.