How to control wet/dry mix for convolution reverb?

I’m trying to set up some reverb for some footsteps, based on this project on convolution reverb using the Web Audio API:

Since the sound of the footsteps is originating with the player, I need the final sound to be a mix of the wet (reverb) and dry (original audio). I found a site which explained the necessity of this:

In practice, it often makes sense to mix the original sound (called the dry mix) with the convolved sound (called the wet mix), and use an equal-power crossfade to control how much of the effect you want to apply.

But it doesn’t explain how to do it. This site has the effect:

But I’m not sure how to set this up in Playcanvas. How can control the percentage between wet/dry mix of the convolved/original audio in Playcanvas?

Hmm, I’m not sure how much our Audio API covers but the setup function looks it should be doable in PlayCanvas as we expose the context and able to connect nodes together.

The tailrender looks trickier as it uses and offline context and you would have to handle that separately.

That’s good. And I don’t mind not having that tailrender function.

Just don’t understand how to have a dry and wet version and mix between them. Will it require a separate sound component?

Truthfully, I don’t know as I can’t see how it’s done in the other article you have linked. I’m literally going by the linked code.

From the looks of things, it uses a single MP3 for both the wet and dry sounds with filters, but again, I don’t understand enough about the browser API to give you a concrete answer without having a go myself (and I’m afraid, I don’t have the bandwidth at the moment)

No problem, thanks for your help!