How to console log what item I picked from the center of the camera

how would then would i console log what item i have picked from the center of the camera

Based on the example script you can use for example console.log(result.entity); or console.log(;.

its not logging what did i do wrong?

This can have several causes. Is your script applied to an entity? Do the other entities have a rigidbody and collision component?

no its on the camera

No what? On the camera entity is fine.

a camera has no collision and rigid body.

What about the entities that you try to pick?

the ground and wals are rigid bodies with collision. would my ui mess it up?

I checked your project. Your script name doesn’t match with the actual names in the script. That’s probably why the script doesn’t work.

the script is not working yet can u go into further detail.?

You have to remove line 1 and line 20 of your script.


You also have to remove the raycast script, because it doesn’t exist.


You have to add your PickerRaycast script.



it is not console logging how can i fix this?

Please do not quote a part of script that is no longer related. This is very confusing for a user trying to help you.

Same problem as before. The script on your player entity does not exist, because the name is not matching with the name in your script. It’s case sensitive. Please remove the current script ‘pickerRaycast’ from your player entity and add your new script ‘PickerRaycast’.

Apart from that, there is missing a letter ‘s’ on line 13.


im sorry for my neglegence but to project is still not working

What’s not working? Have you followed the advice above?

i have followed your advice but the error is that it will not even run.

If you are talking about your third scene, then it’s because there is no camera in the scene.

the first person movement scene