How to check / correct the scale?

so I want to scale the entities but one entity has scale 1,1,1 and second the same 1,1,1 but for example the first is bigger than second, this is issue with blender or playcanvas?
Because I use blender as a tool for export to PlayCanvas,
I’m confused about the scaling, I looked in blender and the scale is 1,1,1

for example there are 2 cars the m3 is bigger has scale 1,1,1 and this tiny car gtr (the second one) has 1,1,1 scale too

I’m not sure how this works in blender, but make sure your scenes there have the same units set up … for example all in meters, instead of one in meters, another in centimeters.


I checked and the 2 models have units metric, also noticed in blender m3 is bigger than gtr ok, but dont know how to scale them to normalize them to 1,1,1

Hi @grzesiekmq,

What’s your node hierarchy in blender? Do you have a parent node with a different scale by any chance?

Blender FBX export works great for me with PlayCanvas, curious why that happens for you.

so I found solution, someone told me to:
measure one car in blender (for example has 3 meters) and then apply the scale, for example to this 463 meters car with Ctrl+A
note: I measured this big car just too show the size

Yes, that’s a good trick in this case. Also you have multiple transform nodes in your blender hierarchy, check if one of them by any chance has a different scale (eg 0.01).

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