How to change your game title using html?

Does anyone know how that’s work? :thinking:

Hi @TheGiantNinja! What do you mean with game title? Can’t you just change the name of the project?

I can but i want to use HTML code also i want add an icon for the game so i need html

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When you say icon, do you mean this



You can change the icon in the project dashboard:

This will only be applied in a published build though

eg: Flappy Bird - PLAYCANVAS


How about when you publish the game on your own website?
That’s why i need to use HTML

As long as you copy all the files across, it should still work unless you are iframing the build?

what do you mean?

How are you hosting the game on your site? Can you share a link of where it’s not working?

Here is the link:

Hmm, looks like a bug with our publishing pipeline where the thumbnails don’t get packaged :frowning:

To workaround this, you can create your own icon via Favicon Generator - Image to Favicon - and add it to your published build

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