How To Change Username In PlayCanvas Forum?

Hello, I’ve been trying to figure out how to change my username in this forum, although I couldn’t find a definitive way. Is there a way to change your username on the forum, and if there is, can someone give me the steps in order to change my username?

I don’t have that pen icon next to my username

Ah, maybe it’s an admin option. PM your desired name and I can change it for you.

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I want to shorten it to DevPrime01

Hello sorry for bothering again, but I would like to change my username, but I still don’t have the option to edit it. I actually have seen my friends account once, and he can change his. I don’t get why my account is the only one with this issue still, but I would like someone to maybe try and fix this. Anyways when you have time, can you change my username to DevPlex01. And maybe try and fix the issue I have.

AFAIK, only admins can change usernames. That’s why you can’t change yours.

But my other friends like @anon6592887 could change their username without any admin permission.

I believe that’s because they haven’t posted yet. Once they do, I suspect that option will disappear.

I’m not so sure really, but could you change my username to DevPlex01?

I’m not a big of changing usernames as it does break links in older posts and you’ve already changed your name once already.

Just this one last time. I won’t ask for another change after this.