How to change the particle system's colorMap

I can’t find any Api to do this so I create this topic.

Who can tell me the way?

Thank you for your answer.

Check this if it helps:

You can’t find the API?


Try adding a script like this to an entity with a particlesystem component:

var ChangeMap = pc.createScript('changeMap');

ChangeMap.attributes.add('maps', { type: 'asset', assetType: 'texture', array: true });

// initialize code called once per entity
ChangeMap.prototype.initialize = function() {
    this.currentMap = 0;

// update code called every frame
ChangeMap.prototype.update = function(dt) {
    if ( {
        if (this.currentMap == this.maps.length) this.currentMap = 0;
        this.entity.particlesystem.colorMap = this.maps[this.currentMap].resource;

The only thing I noticed is that changing the color map resets the particle system which might not be what you want.

Thank you for your answer,and I find the API to change the colorMap now.

Dear will

I am so sorry for my oversight.

I succeed in changing the colorMap with your answer.

Thank you,you are a nice man.

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