How to avoid Particles System to teleport particles?

Is it possible to not have the particles teleporting inside the bounding box? or removing the bounding box?

on the User Manual the only parameter that seems to control this feature is: WRAP BOUNDS: “World space AABB volume centred on the owner entity’s position. If a particle crosses the boundary of one side of the volume, it teleports to the opposite side. You can use this to make environmental effects like rain by moving a wrapped emitter’s owner entity.”

If I enable this function the particle FX disappears but when I turn it off again the bounding box has adapted his dimensions to the particles life/length. This solution though doesn’t seems to work every time.

Is possible just to remove the bounding box and as consequence the teleporting feature?

Seems a recent version has started wrapping irrespective of whether the wrap flag is on or not…

Heyhey dear Playcanvas-Team,
Im coming from a Unreal-Engine Background and my agency is in need of a Realtime-Engine which is suited vor web develompemt. We think Playcanvas is the way to go.
So we are testing Playcanvas right now.

Sadly the particle system still have the “teleport”-problem, When particles reach the bounding box they are wrapping around. I played now the whole day with the particle system and no checkbox can solve the problem. Can i set the bouding box size via a script maybe?


Hmm, sad that there is no solution for the problem, so Playcanvas Particle System is sadly still not production ready.

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@yaustar any update on this? Ive read through a number of threads about this with no answer from the PC team

Unfortunately, the particle system has been without a feature owner for a while. We are looking to have that change this year as we ramp up our team size :crossed_fingers:

For the moment:

The bounding box is currently calculated via calculateLocalBounds and tries to make a best guest based on the velocity graphs.

This recalculation doesn’t seem to happen in the Editor unless you do a change such as ticking and unticking wrap.

Regardless of the Editor preview, the calculation should still happen in the launch tab and the particles shouldn’t hit the bounds.

@MitchMeyer1 Does this happen for you in the launch tab or Editor view only?

Edit: Bug report ticket for the Editor Preview: How to avoid Particles System to teleport particles?

@yaustar Same issue in editor and launch tab! Is there a way to use a different particle javascript library in PlayCanvas? Everything else works great but im burning days trying to hack 3 separate ParticleSystem issues im facing in PC! Looking forward to you guys updating in the future

Would you be able to share a repro for the launch tab please? I wasn’t able to make it wrap in my case.

An alternative library is Effekseer - Particle Effect Creation tool but I don’t know how good their runtime for PlayCanvas is