How to attatch cubemap to box

How to attatch cubemap to box?

Do you mean cubemap texture?

What are you going to do?

Yes, for the panorama.

The skybox is fine, but it can’t zoom.

I created a box from 3dmax, but there are gaps in the preview.

Hi @simonjie the normal thing to do would be to

(1) add a CubeMap asset
(2) apply your 6 image textures to its Faces
(3) and then add the CubeMap to the Skybox slot in Settings > Rendering.

Check if you still have gaps using this procedure.


The skybox is fine, but it can’t zoom.

Hmm it’s unclear what you want to do, at least to me.

This is because the purpose of a skybox is to be in back of everything else in a scene. There’s no sense of getting closer or farther away to a skybox, either in its concept or in its implementation, except as an inherently limited clipping entity.

On the other hand, if you’re trying to put small versions of skyboxes on display for instance, you could simply texture six separate planes with your six image textures which would otherwise be for a cubemap. I’d think this would be more reliable than expecting a regular box to receive a cubemap texture like the skybox can.

Or am I still misunderstanding?