How to apply an effective fog effect?

How can I have a fog effect like BMW i8 - PLAYCANVAS ( BMW car example ) ?
How to make the melting effect between the sky and the floor as in the example ?

Thanks in advance

It’s a skybox with the mip level set to something above 1 (it actually isn’t fog). Example project:

Thanks, I need a good skybox!

The skybox in the example project is part of the assets library with PlayCanvas

I applied mipmap to “blur” environment but how to “mix” the plane with it ? it looks like around car there is kind of mask, how can that be ahieved ?

The ground just has an alpha texture on it that makes it more faded around the edges:

oh i got it, but i think mask its inverted, white on visible plan, black to fadeout into cubemap, gonna try something like that, thank you :slight_smile:

Oh, the black is just the fake car shadow :sweat_smile: