How to align camera to editor view?

I found it extremely difficult and frustrating to align camera preview to match the scene view. It is extremely easy to do so in Unity.

I found this question was asked 2 years ago. @yaustar seemed to provide an answer, but I am not understanding his approach.

Can someone please explain @yaustar’s approach or suggest a easy way to solve this problem?

Is your camera in game/app a static camera or one that moves/rotates?

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Hi @yaustar. Just want to align camera one time during the design of the scene. The camera does not move/rotate at runtime. But it really does not matter, because the alignment is one time only (see the bottom paragraph).

It seems this is a very simple thing for PlayCanvas Editor to do: Since PlayCanvas Editor knows how to render the scene-design-view, so it already knows the transform to use for the rendering. This is the transform of the scene-design-view-camera (if there is such a thing). So PlayCanvas Editor just need to has a menu item that copy such transform to any camera in the hierarchy. This way, both the scene-design-view and camera-preview would match, for that instance only of course.

The alignment is one time only! It is like taking a snapshot. I am not talking about aligning camera during runtime, because it does not really make much sense. When the game runs, game designer does not continue manipulating the scene-design-view any more, hence there is no question of alignment any more. In any case, the camera’s lookAt at runtime is best done with scripts.

If it’s just one time, try this.

In the editor, change the name of the camera to Camera (yes, this is important, I don’t why).

Change the view to camera:

Use WASD (forward/back/strafe), QE for panning up and down and left click/right click mouse move (I think one does orbit and the other rotates the camera?) in the Editor view to move the camera as though it’s a fly/FPS camera.

Remember to change the view back to perspective and rename the camera to what it should be.

@vaios Can this be added to the Editor ‘nice to haves’ please? Being able to move a camera or entity to the position and rotation of the Editor view.

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@yaustar. Thanks,

Wow, it is easy and straight forward, if you know the trick!

This trick is NOT immediately obvious. Please make it a single click of a menu item to align a camera to the current scene view transparently (without renaming/toggling camera name back and forth).