How to add several spine projects?

This is my first game with spine.
Please tell me how to add several spine projects correctly?
For example i have a project with dog(dog.atlas, dog.json, dog.png) and person(person.atlas, person.json, person.png)

I found one way, but when I start the localhost, there are no errors, but when I press a key to play a certain animation, I get an error in the console (playcanvas-spine Uncaught Error: Animation not found: down), but the animation works.

I use playcanvas-spine.3.8.js and connect

Can you share your project link please or host a build somewhere if you are using the engine only?

I’m confused why heroControls scriptType have been added to the background:

        var bg = new pc.Entity();
        bg.addComponent("spine", {
          atlasAsset: assets[4].id,
          skeletonAsset: assets[5].id,
          textureAssets: [ assets[6].id, assets[7].id ]

This means that when the user presses down to play the animation down, it’s also doing so on the bg entity which doesn’t have a down animation, hence the error.

I didn’t pay attention to it. Thank you!

Another question, please tell me, how can I make to get the background underneath everything? My character is now in the background and I don’t understand why.

As they are both Spine objects, you can use the priority property for the render order. The spine objects are by default on the UI layer which is sorted based on this priority value.

Thank you!!!