How to add Facebook Ads to my desktop browser games?

I am looking for the ways how to add Facebook Ads to my desktop browser games.

Thank you

Do they allow ads in browser games? I can’t find a SDK for the ad networks for this?

Regarding to this topic I only found this:

It says Facebook ads available for desktop web.

Unfortunately, that’s for Facebook Instant Games, not any web game so that is applicable here.

As per the Facebook Business SDK docs, it’s distributed as a npm package. I don’t think there’s a CDN for it, so if you can use the npm package in your game, then you’ll be able to integrate it.

AFAIK, the Business SDKs aren’t for serving ads, it’s for managing your own ads on Facebook?

I see, I’m sorry I misunderstood. A dev I work with sent this link a while back that could be useful:-

I haven’t used these myself, but they seem to be a platform to monetize games via ads. These possibly require some sort of native integration of the game though, but @zfur had mentioned desktop apps as well as browser games in their initial post, so it might be useful?

Unfortunately, that page is for mobile apps, not for browser games from the looks of things.

There are other platforms that can serve ads (including rewarded video ads)

Note: I’ve not tried these personally yet:


Thank you, this is very useful. I didn’t know these websites.