How to add Chromakey

this is posible?      To acces tp camera and To change color for transparent..

It’s possible using a pixel shader, to calculate alpha/transparency based on a range of colour (e.g. green) values.

I dont understand… confused: not need a object or background with transparency .
… I need to use my camera to view objects of real world (my hands), and to view the world 3d_playcanvas in place of color green of real world…

Great! Check the PlayCanvas AR project here:

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a technique by which a block of a particular color (often blue or green) in a video image can be replaced either by another color or image, enabling, for example, a weather forecaster to appear against a background of a computer-generated weather map.

manipulate (an image) using chromakey.

Is posible to work with camera in realtime? Where i find informatiĂłn and code?

@Leonidas is right, you need to write a custom shader that makes any pixel on a texture that is green, transparent so you can see behind it. I have no idea if you can use the camera when in WebVR though which is what your picture suggests.

Side view:

Is perfect… Need add camera in webvr :confused:

Here you go, a chromakey shader project, playing a mp4 video:

When launching remove the s from https url because the server serving the video doesn’t support SSL. This sample will work as it is using a VR camera.


The project use a phone camera? Have not seen it yet. I have an old smartphone now

No this one uses a video file.

Check the AR project I posted above for what you ask. It will be sufficient.

The. Project works very well. But now i dont know how implement arcamera.js. :frowning: :o

Hello wow! it’s very interesting ok … so I must create a script to convert the render of the camera into a texture? Should I have this render in a material to add the custom shader? … thanks in advance @SHADOWLITE7. @Yaustar @Leonidas.