How to add a mini map showing all the players

I want a way to make a mini map on my car game
yall know?

rendering to texture could be your friend for this

im on a school chromebook, and cant get on their could you help me on this please

sure. what’s the budget?

What do you mean

but can you help me find a way

See the example I linked - it renders the same scene into a texture, which is then put into the corner.
So what you can do is to render your level into a texture using some additional top down camera, and then use that as a minimap.

Alternatively, if you dont want to render the same scene into a minimap, you can perhaps create a mesh that represents your minimap, and render it on top of other meshes in the corner?

Here’s an example of rendering from a camera to texture and applying it to an UI element: Render 3D World to UI | Learn PlayCanvas

You can apply the same idea for minimaps using a camera that is looking down on the world with an orthographic perspective.

It’s a bit expensive as you are effectively rendering the world twice so that’s something to think about

I’ve added some primitives to my entities and only render those primitives on the mini map camera.


Let me try this then

how do you do a map again

could you provide information on how you did that?

upd: alright, you can simply use the layers on the camera component to determine which objects should be rendered

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im to dumb for this. can someone help me by simplifying this?