How Much To Charge?

Hello everyone, super new here, I found about PlayCanvas through a research on how to create a product configurator app for a client. I am making my first steps after telling the client “YES I can do it” even though I don’t really know if I can yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, next step is telling the client how much he should pay for the tool. This is my first time doing anything 3D for the web, so I have to clue how much to charge. The project is basically identical to this which was made with PlayCanvas

So, now the question,
How much would you charge for something like this?

Any tips will be VERY appreciated!

I would imagine that project cost the client more than $100,000 (total guess). The project was probably 80% art production, 20% engineering.

Total cost = Number of artist days x Daily cost of an artist + Number of engineering days x Daily cost of an engineer + Your margin for developing the app

Plug some numbers in there to develop an overall cost.