How is the workflow goes when network is unstable?

we are team of 3, on normal cases, the code editor works great.
but since we are in China, seems the network to Dublin(your server location?) is quite unstable.

and the status indicator(Connected) sometime not accurate, this would cause the following issue:
1, I thought the code is saved. actually it’s not…
2, I made some changes, my co-worker didn’t see it and override it…

this happened too many times so one of my co-worker have to download the script and edit locally, and import back manually, to avoid the conflict…

is there anyway to solve this?
IMHO, you could add feature to allow online pull code(update) from git repo.
then we could edit code locally, push to git, and pull in the online editor. so no one will messing around the online code.
it is not perfect but might make life kind of easier.

I’ve noticed that if the editor is left idle for a while or the PC has been to sleep and woken up, the sync/save does go a bit ‘funny’ and I’ve developed the habit to refresh the browser when I come back from a break.

Unfortunately, there is no idea solution yet. I do believe some is in the works given the Checkpoints test done recently.

Is there a way to up-vote this suggestion? We have a similar problem.