How far can I go with PlayCanvas? I'm a bit stuck and wondering if I can continue using it

Hi guys, I’m new to PlayCanvas and I felt a few somethings.
I work with Unity but cause of WebGL reasons I found out PlayCanvas is ideal for it.
But differently from what I’ve already done in Unity (before I notice that its WebGL doens’t run in mobile) I tried to replicate the work in PlayCanvas and I saw that I can’t access the children of my FBX to attach scripts individually… and a few other things that I do in Unity, is it a limitation? The engine doesn’t open/show the children hierachy, it deals with the FBX as a whole object… the problem is I’ll have about 70 children to interact which is a set of objects the user can select, just like a world map and its countries.

As I said I already done it in Unity and I’m trying to “replicate” in PlayCanvas but I’m having troubles, here I had to export each of the 19 countries to attach the script, and it still have undesired results (btw, I’m not used to javascript, but to C#):

The game I’m intended to dev is like The Risk, here is a reference:

PlayCanvas is powered enough for me to create something like The Risk with turns, hold selected countries to act (country attack from → to), define a set of items…

I have a limited time to build the game and I need to know if I can believe in PlayCanvas or I’ll find limitations like “I can’t access children of a FBX” a few days later…

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Doesn’t look like you should have a problem making the game you are proposing here.

IIRC, although the editor doesn’t expose the children of the FBX, they are still in the graph node tree so you can use entity.findByName to get a reference to it although you won’t be able to attach scripts to a graph node. That said, there is nothing stopping you adding functions/logic/data on each graph node as it is quite straightforward to ‘monkey patch’ with Javascript.

Best advice I can give is not expect it to behave like Unity. Although there are similarities, it is still a different engine and there are a number of things that are just done differently.

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