How do you move in a VR application?

There seems to be different opinions on how to move in VR. No one seems to be suggesting moving the camera directly. Some suggest moving the world rather than the camera. Some suggest making the camera a child of another entity and moving and rotating that entity.

How are you moving in your own cardboard/VR apps?

Player is a capsule with rigid body, collision, and first person player controller.

Camera is a child of Player and it controls the direction the user is facing.

The player controller looks at the angle the camera is facing, and moves it forward using the x/z vec3, normalized, and scaled multiplied by the dt.

To move forward, it’ll be something along the lines of this.entity.rigidbody.applyForce(vec3DirectionWouldGoHere).

Is this definitely for room scale VR? Apply forces to a player in VR sounds like something that would make them sick.

Oh, room scale VR? That’s not what I’m using it for.

The thing I’m doing is used across Mouse/Keyboard controlled 3D environment, mobile touch controls, and Google Cardboard V2 You have a player avatar and can move around the environment. For the most part, going forward by press of the screen (using Cardboard V2 button) doesn’t make me sick. It just moves the player forward on the x/z axis in the direction the user is facing.

Can you get positional data from the PlayCanvas WebVR library? I’ve just been using the vrCamera and input_hmd for view direction.

In theory i think i just need to figure out how to take the x and z direction from the camera and the move the camera in the same direction by a small amount. I might try a few tests later, at the moment I am playing with guns :).

Has anybody figured out how to combine a VR camera with a first person camera?
I’m planning to put the camera on my character that will move by touching the screen on mobile devices and with the arrows if there is not a VR mode, I think I will take direction the camera it’s looking at on the axis x/z, to start the motion forward to the camera’s position direction.