How do you make an inventory system for a RPG?

I’m creating a RPG and I don’t know how to make a inventory system can someone help.

Hi @Whisper23, what is the particular problem you encounter? Or is it generally not aware form where to start?
This question been asked quiet few times on forum, so you might check out existing topics.

Tutorials is good place to start to get familiar with different things:
If you need to learn JavaScript, then CodeAcademy is my favourite choice for beginners:

If you have any specific problem with editor or engine, feel free to ask.

Ok I’ll check those links but its just the general problem that I’m a starter programmer so I don’t really know anything.

When you start, it is better to a bit slow down, go through tutorials and learn slowly but steadily, then in the future such questions wont be “unknowns” for you.

Ok thanks for the help.