How do you make a random generated map?

I’ve just finished reading the rules for the contest and I wanted to make a game that is similar to doodle jump. But I want it to make it’s own maps how do I do this.

I have had the same question for a while and i actually need to do the same thing for my Project :confused:

You might find the following project to be a good starting point:

Ok thanks for the help

I tried the code and then formed it to my use and this error came up.

[generate.js:18]: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘findByName’ of null

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘findByName’ of null
at Object.Generate.initialize (
at Object.pc.extend._callInstancesMethod (
at Object.pc.extend._initializeScriptComponent (
at Object.pc.extend.onInitialize (
at Object.pc.extend.onInitialize (
at (
at Function.pc.extend.initialize (
at Object.Application.start (
at Array.onLoad (
Is there any way to fix this.

Did you make an entity called Templates?

If not then these two lines would likely cause that error:

var grass = templates.findByName('Grass');
var house = templates.findByName('House');

as var templates = app.root.findByName('Templates'); would have returned null

So I got the map generator to work but for some reason I can not figure out how to make it generate up so it is like doodle jump.