How do you learn new skills?

I don’t know how to look the previous design. But the new me doesn’t seem very convenient. No interactivity and sufficient information and code examples.

What was the previous design? still looks the same to me?

“I don’t know how to look the previous design” Sorry it was a metaphor. I’m sorry that you did not understand.

I wanted to say that it is very difficult for beginners to study the documentation because it is not very informative. I meant

ps. I really like playcanvas is just phenomenal what you have done!!! BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!!

The two best places to start with learning the canvas toolset would be:

One takes you through making a simple game and the other gives more of a generic overview.

The user manual is more of generic overview of the editor and system which isn’t aimed at implementing a specific example.

The tutorials are specific examples. Eg. Detecting a button press, changing materials etc.

The API is the technical documentation of what each function and object does in the engine and how to use them.

thank you I will try to learn