How Do I Use The SoundManager

This ‘SoundManager’ would be fantastic if it controlled the scaling of all the sound objects in the game.


The very brief help ‘hints’ as if it should do something like that, but I cant get it to work and there don’t seem to be any examples of this anywhere. Even the examples in the help make no sense at all and don’t even refer to the SoundManager. Any tips?


The sound manager is already created on the application object. It’s created under the hood and is not meant to be directly accessed (not sure why the class is public API) :thinking:

To change global volume, go through the sound system SoundComponentSystem | PlayCanvas API Reference

ie  = 0.5;

Thanks, that seems to work perfectly, but why isn’t there any help/documentation for it?

The soundcomponent help page doesnt even mention you can adjust the volumes of all the sounds together. ?!? …and the soundManager documentation is just another Red Herring.

The API documentation is missing back links to where to find where objects are created.

The SoundManager is used by the SoundComponentSystem under the hood and considering the engine structure, I’m surprised it’s public API.

In terms of why there isn’t any documentation, honestly it’s a gap in the documentation (one of many).

Our documentation is open source so please leave issues of gaps/etc on the repo, or even better, make a PR to help us fix these issues please.

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