How do I set the width of the Camera?

An ortographic camera has a setting called “Cam Height”. I used this to fit the camera to my game’s contents. But is there a way to set the camera’s width?

I think I can work around this problem by changing the game’s resolution width in Settings → Rendering, but camera would be easier since I could preview the camera in the editor.

Hi @Alice_Ruppert,

The Ortho Height parameter is set to the half-height of the view window and it helps define the render area of an orthographic camera, by setting the “distance” the camera renders from.

The camera in the default settings will always try and render at the full width of the browser’s window. Which is usually what is expected for an app to be viewed in all kinds of devices/screens.

If you would like to restrict the width of the rendered area for some reason, then yes, your best bet is to go to the Rendering settings and setting a fixed width.

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@Alice_Ruppert, is the image in the attached pic a child of a 2d screen? Then you could scale the image itself and not the camera.