How do I make my app run full screen on a tap?

How do I make my app run full screen on a tap?


You can call the browser Fullscreen API, check here for how it works:

Thanks, so I just use
directly in PlayCanvas, or do I need to prepend something to to that line be able to access Element?

I think for that to work it has to execute as a response to user input (clicking on a button, pressing a keyboard key etc.), check the examples on the MDN site:

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Note that iOS Safari doesn’t have a full screen API.

We also have an API for fullscreen too that wraps around the browser API.

I was under the impression that there was a motion to deprecate engine support for going fullscreen, and promote the usage of the browser Fullscreen API directly:

Let me know if I am wrong!

Thanks, but I really have no idea how I should be using that. The help just says:

boolean fullscreen

That doesn’t tell me anything of how I should call it using the PlayCanvas syntax. = true; // enter fullscreen = false; // exit full screen

Perfect. Thank You! :slight_smile:

Hmm… Before my time so not sure tbh. @will should know more :grimacing:

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Oh wow! There’s more fullscreen code in the engine? Geez, how did that get there? :frowning_face:

I’ll deprecate that too when I get a second. Apps should be calling the fullscreen API directly instead of PlayCanvas doing it internally.