How do I make first person movement?

I do not know how to make a first-person movement, I was able to make it not fall through the world, and I’ve been taking scripts to see if they work, I’m new, What is going wrong?
I’m trying to make a scary game. it is saying that the code is good and no errors.

:frowning: I’m sorry, I would like some help. Im new

ive been trying all of the scripts

I think this should help. But I see that you have done it. I just went to your editor and I can see you dont have a functioning player like here (An example from my game)


Also, for first person movement put it to dynamic and linear damping to 0.99 and angular factor to 0 X 0 Y 0 Z so you can walk, also put a collision and rigid on your plane so you can walk.

i have aleady done that and im just confused, i just made this 45 minutes ago

What do you mean?

i did the plane thing and the 0x,0y,0z, and the .99, but it wond work with the moving and the camera moving, i heard stuff about the “layout Child?”

im just confused

Did you put the script on the player?

i put the script on the player components

Please, add me to your project and let me try. It has seems you have done something wrong.

how do i do that, and does it cost money?

No and no, here are examples.

see where edit near team is then you press it and you do this when you press it. then type my name thegab

Omg you are the creator of Cursed life!!!


Yes, I actually am.

You are amazing

Your welcome. Have fun!

how do i add jump

Hello @thebosser24
I think this thread should help. How To Make Script That Allows Player To Jump?

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I actually love you.