How do I make a terrain and rocks?

Im new to this and am not sure how, an help is greatly appreciated!

There is no built in tool for this. You would have to model this using another program like Blender.

There is a paid extension for this though Released: Athena Terrain Creator


Ok Thanks!

Do you know of any free terrain creators?

Nope, sorry. (Besides modelling one in Blender:

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Hey @Grady_B,

If you are ok with having the terrain generated only on runtime (and not in editor), you can use the following tutorial to generate one from a heightmap:

It works quite well and it is relatively fast to generate.


Im still not certain on how that works or how to do it.

If you are going to use the heightmap solution, you can start simple by playing with the tutorial.

  1. Fork the project:

  1. Replace the heightmap with your own:

  1. When you launch the app you will see a nice terrain generated from your heightmap:

You can find a lot of tutorials and apps on the internet that can help you generate heightmaps for realistic terrains. It is a matter of studying and finding what works for you and your game.

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That is helpful thank you!

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Now is there a way I can make m own heightmap?

In Playcanvas? No!

Search the internet, you will find a lot of apps and tools to get you started:

I’ve used World Machine several times, it is an amazing tool but with a steep learning curve:

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Ok Thanks!

Now is there anything else that is in editor so that I see the land?

To see the terrain in the editor you have to go the other way, as @yaustar indicated, model the terrain in an external app. And then import it as a model in the editor.