☑ How do i make a player move

I need to know how to make a player move

Please do use our tutorials that have mostly you covered.

how do i code a player to move i cant figure it out

please anyone i need to know

Tutorial link above helps you to make player move.
Development - is hard work, you have to learn how to learn, and be able to walk yourself. Don’t rush your learning, learn step by step.

You don’t even provide any technical information about the problem.
There is no way that someone will be able by simply using mind reading, or psycho powers to understand what you are dealing with, as you have not provided any details on the problem.

Asking the right question after you’ve done your own “homework” is the way to go. So please, consider in future before you ask questions, as so far they actually not answerable.

I will be pretty sarcastic here, because it gets very annoying when people even not making an effort to sort their own problems:

how do i code a player to move i cant figure it out

You use JavaScript and your keyboard with mouse and screen on your computer, to code a player to move.

sorry i didnt know that it was there i am still new at this as i said in the other decussion

@Marshall_Wright How much programming experience do you have? If you are really new to programming, you could find working with a large engine a bit of an uphill struggle.

Nevertheless, we do have a beginner’s tutorial here: http://developer.playcanvas.com/en/tutorials/beginner/keepyup-part-one/

This will take you through most parts of making a game and how to work with PlayCanvas. As Max said, take your time. Research beyond the tutorials we have here (PlayCanvas uses vanilla Javascript so there are plenty of resources on the net like this one http://www.w3schools.com/js/) and results will come in time.