How Do I Make a Model on Chrome?

andi would also like some helpful hints :slightly_smiling_face:
and I would like to know how to transfer them into my game

and whos excited about the new fortnite chapter XD

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Could you revise your post to better explain your question?

  • Are you asking how to 3D model in your Chrome browser?
    If so you could use, a free & online, 3D modeling service.

  • Are you asking how to implement 3D models into PlayCanvas or Fornite?


Designing 3D models takes a lot of skill but you can start by finding models to use from (some models are free to download, just sign in) and you can get great characters (and animations) from

Once you have these files you can upload them to your project (unzip/extract them first).


how would i unzip a file and what would be a good file format to use on a low end Chromebook

@Thebosser_24 Here are some more free assets.

Playcanvas forum